What to eat on Paleo
This is the second part of my 2-part series on getting started going Paleo. If you completed step 1 and want to know what to do next, read on.  There is a misconception that eating Paleo is just about eating meat and veggies and going low-carb. There is a comparison […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Go Paleo-Part 2

Fridge Purge 1
This is part 1 of 2 to help you go Paleo and have long-term success. Ultimately, this site is about going Paleo. But I approached my journey in a gradual way, which I believe led to my personal success. I think in order to incorporate Paleo eating as a lifestyle change, […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Go Paleo-Part 1

Yummy pizza crust with sauce, tomatoes and pineapple. What will you top yours with?
I love pizza. I half-joke that the only thing worth eating gluten for would be pizza. In Italy. But I really do love pizza. Finding a good recipe for a crust that stays together, tastes good, and can be used for lots of different things has been a challenge. I […]

Paleo “Cheesy” Pizza Crust

Paleo Chicken Nuggets
I have been trying out new recipes on my son recently. I plan to transition him to a more Paleo diet by the time school starts, but I want to introduce new foods slowly to see how he likes them. I served these to my son and his two best buddies, […]

Paleo Chicken Nuggets::Kid-Approved!

Easy Crockpot Paleo Taco Soup
Easy Paleo meals can be hard to come by. Paleo Angel and I both have a busy family life, so making easy meals on many days is key to our success. The great thing about this is that the ingredients are simple and easy to find, and you can throw them […]

Easy Crockpot Paleo Taco Soup

IMG_4105 1
This recipe is too good not to share. I first tried it out with my family. They are my toughest critics. I thought for sure they would take one look at it and hate it.  My kids loved it. I never buy store bought ranch as it has so many […]

Paleo Ranch and Paleo Mayo recipe

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Its an ever better day as it’s my BIRTHDAY!! I love that my birthday is on cinco de mayo. My love of  Mexican food is crazy. I could eat it daily. 🙂 I was born on the right day for sure.  Here are two of my […]

Cinco De Mayo Salsa and Guacamole Recipe

Paleo Cauliflower Mash That Tastes Like Mashed Potatoes
I used to HATE cauliflower. I am sure many people can relate to my feelings about this white vegetable. But, if you want to add a new power vegetable to your Paleo life, this Cauliflower Mash will quickly replace your mashed potatoes at dinner. With Vitamin C, B1, B2, and […]

Really Legit Cauliflower Mash