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We're Angel and Kristi. Two sisters who changed our lives for the better when we both gave up eating wheat back in 2011. We can't believe it's been almost 9 years! 


We created My Paleo Sister as a way to share our recipes, encourage families who are ready to make a big change for their health, and to share our story. 


This is a place to come if you're giving up processed sugar, gluten, dairy, grains, or any combination of the above. This is a place to find valuable content to help you on your journey. This is a place to make one small change that can make a huge difference in your life. 


Keep reading to hear our stories and to start your Paleo journey today.

I'm Kristi and I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. Up until 2014, I had been overweight or obese for the entirety of my adult life. And it started when I was around 8 years old. I was an active kid, but ate the standard American diet that included skim milk, healthy whole grains, dairy, and sugar "in moderation". My weight crept up until I hit a peak in the 8th grade at 218 lbs. 


I counted calories, ran miles and miles, went Keto, even resorted to binging and purging to try and keep my weight down. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. Not only that, but the shame that came with being obese when you are doing everything "right" was overwhelming to me. I thought I would never be able to overcome it. 


My weight fluctuated from anywhere from the 160's-190's. Then I got pregnant with my first child. My weight ballooned to 274 pounds the day I gave birth in 2011. 


I lost some weight but stalled in the 220's-230's. I could not get it to budge anywhere less than 220, and it was beyond frustrating. I had extreme brain fog. I was hungry all the time,  after my baby was sleeping through the night and I was no longer nursing. I went to a doctor and all she could tell me was "try Weight Watchers, that seems to work for people". Since she didn't have the answer, I knew I would have to find it for myself. I did months of research and finally stumbled on a new book called "Wheat Belly". It described everything I was experiencing and more. It also suggested that wheat, even "healthy" whole wheat was the culprit. 


I decided to give up wheat for a month. Within 2 weeks, the brain fog was gone. I had more energy. My migraines were gone, and I lost 15 pounds that first month. Effortlessly. I haven't eaten wheat (intentionally) since then, and I managed to get down to a healthy 147 a few years later. I've since adopted a mostly Paleo way of eating because I discovered that other grains, dairy, and sugar cause a lot of inflammation in my body.